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Integra Group was amongst the first accounting firms in China to leverage the power of cloud accounting technology and reinvented accounting service for Chinese businesses. Our clients say our people, technology, and our insight is what makes us leaders in our field. Multinational businesses as well as Small Business rely on us to deliver meaningful accounting and advisory services that help them grow their business in China.

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About Integra Group

Integra Group is a dynamic management accounting practice and consultancy with a mission to help SMEs in China. We believe accountants should do more than just be bean counters. Through us, businesses gain valuable insights into how their business is performing via cloud-based dashboards and regular business growth meetings.

Here at Integra, we take great pride in our approach to working with clients. We evaluate your current position and develop strong working relationships, taking the time to truly understand your business requirements and management imperatives. We are passionate, business-minded and technologically savvy to help recommend and implement suitable apps for running and controlling your business.

We choose to partner with MEGI, being 100% cloud-based and select the best enterprise cloud applications to help clients, integrate, innovate and grow their business. Ultimately, do less.

Why Choose Us?

True success comes when like-minded people are on the same wavelength and working towards a common goal. We provide the necessary services and tools you need to help your business grow. With great systems and technology in place, we concentrate on providing the services to make sure your business is focused on growth.

Our services include accounting, tax, payroll, company setup, and everything else you need in one spot. With that in mind, we take a down-to-earth, lay person’s language and humane approach when getting to know our clients and their business.

We believe we will be successful if we bring innovative approaches to better address these issues at a reasonable cost. We take great joy in relieving our clients from the burden of accounting, tax, and admin so that they may focus on what matters most, their core business.

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We believe accountants should do more…

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