What is the ICP Permit in China and How to Obtain It

China boasts one of the world’s largest markets for online consumers, yet it remains untapped by numerous international businesses due to the complexities involved in securing an Internet Content Provider (ICP) permit. This article comprehensively explains the ICP permit for companies interested in pursuing internet-based operations in China.


Simplifying Employment in China: An Introduction to Employer of Record Services

By collaborating with an Employer of Record (EOR), foreign businesses can hire local or foreign staff without the necessity of establishing a local entity. Additionally, they can save time by avoiding the intricate maze of local labor laws, taxes, and regulations.

authenticating documents

China Joins the Apostille Convention: Boosting Global Trade and Collaboration

China’s accession to the 1961 Apostille Convention will simplify the procedures for cross-border circulation of official documents and promote international economic, trade, and personnel exchanges.

Hire contractor and freelancer in China

How to Hire Freelancers and Contractors in China

Hiring contractors or freelancers in China can be very beneficial in some circumstances. Here‘s everything you need to know about hiring contractors and freelancers in a compliant manner.

employee handbook in China Integra Group

The Importance of an Employee Handbook in China

With rising labor disputes and an legal environment inclined to protect employees, companies are looking more closely at their employee handbook in China.

Corporate Governance: Understanding the Four Legal Roles in China

The four legal roles in China are ultimately responsible for the operations and governance.

Licensing and Compliance Requirements for Freight Forwarders in China

NVOCC activities and freight forwarding in China. Key licenses, permits, filings, and other requirements

Guidance for Employers Hiring Foreign Nationals in China

Employers hiring foreign nationals in China often face greater HR challenges than those who do not have an expatriate workforce.

Chinese Labor Laws Key Provisions of Employment Contract Integra Group

Chinese Labor Laws: Key Provisions of Employment Contracts

Hiring local employees can provide valuable insights and be crucial to business development. Here’s what employers in China need to know.

Legal Representative in China

Understanding the Role of a Legal Representative in China

Legal Reps have broad control over the company, its bank accounts, and its assets – here’s what you need to know.

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