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Registered Capital in China: What is it and How Much do I Need?

A complete overview of the registered capital in China and its implications for Foreign Invested Enterprises in China. Read more.

China Rolling Back Tax Exempt Benefits for Expats in 2022

Effective Jan. 1st. 2020, China will roll-back tax-exempt benefits for expats. It expected many will face a higher tax liability.

Changes to Tax Calculation for Annual Bonuses in China 2022

Starting in 2022, employees will no receive a special tax incentive for their annual bonus in China.

Expanding Abroad: Key Considerations in the Post-Pandemic Era

Understand the key accounting, tax, and compliance considerations of expanding abroad post-Covid19.

Hong Kong Holding Companies: Tax and Compliance Implications

Hong Kong provides many benefits to resident companies. Fully taking advantage of these benefits requires businesses to maintain good compliance.

China Annual Compliance Requirements

China Annual Compliance Requirements

Enterprises and some individuals in China must fulfill annual compliance requirements. Read more.

Electronic Special VAT Fapiao Integra Group

China Expands Electronic Special VAT Fapiao’s Nationwide

Learn how enterprises in China can prepare for the introduction of electronic special VAT Fapiaos.

Transfer Pricing in China: Documentation and Compliance Requirements

MNC’s must take note of the special compliance requirements of transfer pricing activities in China.

Accounting and Tax Compliance in China

Enterprises must comply with various monthly, quarterly accounting and tax requirements when doing business in China.

China e-commerce setup

Opportunities in Chinese E-Commerce

New opportunities present themselves to supply products online in China following COVID-19.

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