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China Annual Compliance Requirements

China Annual Compliance Requirements

Enterprises and some individuals in China must fulfill annual compliance requirements. Read more.

Electronic Special VAT Fapiao Integra Group

China Expands Electronic Special VAT Fapiao’s Nationwide

Learn how enterprises in China can prepare for the introduction of electronic special VAT Fapiaos.

Transfer Pricing in China: Documentation and Compliance Requirements

MNC’s must take note of the special compliance requirements of transfer pricing activities in China.

Accounting and Tax Compliance in China

Enterprises must comply with various monthly, quarterly accounting and tax requirements when doing business in China.

China e-commerce setup

Opportunities in Chinese E-Commerce

New opportunities present themselves to supply products online in China following COVID-19.

China Tax Planning Strategies: Methods and Preferential Policies

A majority of businesses can enjoy the benefits of tax planning by utilizing a few relatively simple strategies.

Profit Repatriation Strategies for China

Four ways Foreign Invested Enterprises in China can repatriate profits back to their home country.

The Cost of Hiring Employees in China

The cost of hiring is a key factor in deciding where to locate your business. We break down the costs of hiring employees in China.

A CFO’s Response to the COVID-19 Outbreak

For many companies dealing with lost revenue due to a crisis, the CFO or finance manager plays a key role in a quick recovery.

An overview of the PRC Tax System and Administration

Below we provide foreign investors a background of the PRC tax system and administration to guide investment decisions.

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