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Mergers & Acquisitions

Whether pursuing scale, new technology or entry into new markets, Integra Group can assist you in achieving your strategic goals through mergers and acquisition services. In most cases, a well-manager merger or acquisition can create new opportunities and invigorate businesses giving them a new competitive edge in their markets. Integra Group provides comprehensive M&A services to corporate investors to ensure fair and adequate consideration of M&A opportunities.

We provide valuable guidance and assistance throughout the M&A process including; M&A strategy, tax structuring, legal and compliance advisory, valuations, due diligence, and purchase price allocations. Our teams of corporate advisors are experienced in various valuation methodologies and provide invaluable opinions and support during the negotiating process to help corporate investors obtain a greater return on investment. We help you understand the best path to growth and competitive advantage by evaluating both commercial viability and synergies between two companies.

Our broad international experience and network of partners across different regions help ensure a smooth process for both large and small M&A deals by provide assistance throughout the M&A process including; obtaining special approvals, valuations, letters of intent, and support carrying out M&A transactions.

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