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Tax Compliance

One of the few certainties you will face in business is taxation. For legal reasons, businesses are required to fulfill periodic and annual tax compliance procedures, depending on their legal status, as an essential requirement of operating a business. The burden falls on the business to accurately calculate their tax liability and report to the tax authorities according to the tax compliance regulations applicable to their business. We help our clients ensure compliance with tax regulations while pursuing an overall tax efficient business status and reduce the chances that the business will be challenged by the tax authorities.

We assist businesses of all sizes with planning and compliance in connection with local and international tax requirements to meet the increasing demands of multinational businesses. We are familiar with developing international tax-optimization structures, transfer pricing policies in line with local regulations, tax due diligence, and local tax compliance procedures. Our experience also helps us decrease clients tax exposure when conducting business and reduce the overall cost of compliance in the event of a tax audit or compliance request from local tax authorities.

While many countries provide valuable tax incentives and exemptions to industries outlined as ‘in demand’ by the government, obtaining these incentives and exemptions can be difficult in practice. With our decades of experience, we understand local tax regulations and are experienced in dealing with local tax authorities to negotiate tax incentives for our clients. We are able to assist in identifying tax incentives available to your business type and liaise with local tax authorities on your behalf in order to identify the most tax efficient way to carry out your business.

Through our network of overseas partners, we can also assist clients to setup offshore investment vehicles to achieve a more tax optimized business structure in line with business goals.

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