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Due Diligence

Whether it is to independently assess a target company or to perform a background check of a potential business partner, Integra Group reduces the risk of doing business through comprehensive appraisal and due diligence services. Our local experts, professional auditors and technical specialists help you gather information from registry searches, credit reports, testimonials, and, where available, company documents to identify potential risks early in the process and develop negotiation positions that benefit our clients.

During mergers and acquisitions or joint ventures, we can also provide strategical advices to achieve overall more synergistic outcomes. We provide analysis of various country, industry, and deal-specific tax risks; asset and portfolio quality; credit worthiness and compliance risks; as well as commercial operations to provide client with valuable guidance and contingencies when approaching a business deal.

We also assist businesses to conduct routine background checks for business partners, clients, vendors and competitors, adopting the timeline, budget constraints, and strategic goals of our client into our approach. Based on our local expertise and knowhow, together with our background in audits and financial management, we provide cost-effective solutions to understanding the various risks when doing business with another party.

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