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Work Permit Applicaiton

Engaging in commercial activities and residing in China requires obtaining the necessary work permit to certify your skills and justify your hiring. Integra Group is your one-stop business service provider, offering comprehensive solutions for work permits in China, business visas, and accompanying family visas.

As experienced accountants and business advisors, we are meticulous and detail-oriented. We understand the intricate details involved in government applications and can anticipate potential complications that may delay the process. We ensure that work permit applications for entrepreneurs, business partners, expatriate employees, and their families are processed promptly and efficiently.

When managing work permit applications in China, we meticulously pre-screen all documents to avoid delays due to insufficient or ineligible documentation. Our bilingual staff will accompany you when you need to be present in person, providing professional support and ensuring a streamlined process.

Our clients value our expertise and the seamless experience we offer in obtaining the necessary documentation to onboard new expatriate employees. Documentation requirements vary based on the type of permit and jurisdiction. Please contact us for more information regarding the necessary documents for your specific circumstances.

Integra Group is committed to making your transition to working in China as smooth as possible. Let us handle the complexities of your work permit application so you can focus on your business.

Contact us to learn more about work permit application services provided by Integra Group.

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