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Treasury Management

Globalization, technology, and regulatory reform have brought about rapid changes to how businesses manage their treasury operations. Naturally, many businesses are concerned about their ability to access their cash when and where they need it. We are committed to making it as easy as possible to do businesses by providing streamlined documentation procedures, direct banking assistance, and providing critical insights into banking and risk matters pertaining to cross-borders transactions.

Many countries have adopted anti-money laundering policies, currency controls, and various foreign exchange measures to support an economic agenda. Integra Group can assist in overcoming the legal and compliance challenges of cash management, payment, and trade activities. Since effective treasury management encompasses banking relationships, Integra Group will help you select the right bank for your business and provide direct assistance in day to day banking activities.

Our extensive experience in international trade financing, cash management, foreign exchange, along with our network of overseas partners, enables us to provide clients with access to specialized solutions and value beyond other standardized solutions available in the market.

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