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outbound travel services in China

Foreign Investment in Outbound Travel Services in China

Foreign investment in outbound travel services in China is now in a pilot stage following significant easing of Chinese travel restrictions.

Fast Pass Application Center Pudong Shanghai

Fast Pass for Sending Money Outside of China

The Fast Pass provides a significantly faster and more convenient avenue to purchase and send foreign currencies out of China.

Policy Update: SMEs in China Eligible for Uncredited VAT Refund

SMEs and Enterprises in the manufacturing and other industries can claim a one-time uncredited VAT refund.

2021 Work Report Highlights: Tax Policies and Announcements

The Work Report is typically highlighted by major policy announcements and governmental priorities for the following year.

China’s Encouraged Catalogue and Negative Lists for Foreign Investment 2020

Changed to the Encouraged Catalogue and Negative Lists provide foreign investors greater market access going forward.

China’s New Measures on the Security Review of Foreign Investment

Foreign investment in sectors that affect or may affect national security are subject to new security review requirements.

RCEP Explained: What does the worlds largest trade deal mean for FIEs in China?

The RCEP builds on existing trade agreements between member countries and formalizes new trade relationships.

Beijing Ends Social Security Withholding and Payment by Agency

New policy prevents HR agencies from withholding social securities for companies outside Beijing.

Hainan Master Plan Pilot Free Trade Port

The Hainan Master Plan: Benefits for Foreign Investors

The Hainan Master Plan aims to develop an internationally competitive trade zone with low tax rates and more.

China’s Two Sessions – Tax Reduction and Social Stability the Theme of 2020

Key takeaways from China’s Two Sessions – the biggest political event of the year.

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